Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Featured Title

1) Jeyarajasingam, Allen and Alan Pearson. A Field Guide to the Birds of Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore (Second Edition). 2012. Oxford University Press. Paperback: 449 pages. Price: $62.95 U.S.

SUMMARY: This new edition is the most comprehensive field guide to the birds of Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore, covering all 673 species known to occur in the region. The birds are illustrated in a series of 74 stunning full-colour plates, painted for this book by Alan Pearson, an artist with considerable first-hand experience of the region. The plates illustrate the various plumage variations for each bird, and show the birds perched and also in flight, where relevant to their identification. The text, written and revised by Allen Jeyarajasingam, is accessible to experienced ornithologists and beginners alike, and highlights the important identification features such as plumage variations, size, calls and songs, range, distribution, and status for every species. Introductory sections describe the region and highlight some of the best sites for watching the abundant avifauna.
     The beautiful, precise plates and clearly-written text make this book a must-have for all birdwatchers travelling to the region. This book features:

*A new edition of a truly comprehensive, up-to-date, modern guide to the region's abundant avifauna
*Contains 74 stunning colour plates by Alan Pearson
*All species on the official list for the region are described in the text
*Introductory chapters and appendices provide additional information on the region
*Includes the latest information on the habits and distribution of the region's bird species
*New and revised colour plates reflect recent changes to the classification of some species, and the growing number of species on the official list
*Includes a new checklist to enable quick reference and record sightings

RECOMMENDATION: Two color plates and 25 species have been added to this edition. The plates and text are separate. Although this book lacks range maps, I still recommend it for birders interested in the region!

This title is available from Buteo Books here.

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