Friday, January 20, 2012

Sibley 2014

                                The NEW small rails plates from the Sibley 2nd edition.

Found this at Due out March 11, 2014.
      A best seller for more than a dozen years, and now: the completely revised and updated second edition of the most comprehensive, widely acclaimed bird guide available.

Among the revisions that have been made for this second edition:
All illustrations are approximately 15%-20% larger than they appeared in the first edition.

Every image from the first edition has been re-digitized from the original art.

600 new paintings: including illustrations of 85 rare species and additional aspects of the species included in the original edition.

Two-thirds (4,356) of all original art has been revised, providing improved detail, and reflecting new physical and behavioral information.

Expanded text includes conservation status, habitat, and tips on finding species in the field.

More than 600 updated new maps.

Elegant overall new design.

FYI: the page count has increased from 544 to 624.

David Sibley has been working on a revised edition of his bird guide. It's due out in 2014. Here's are sample plates:
                                    Warblers, Thrashers and Tanagers 
                                                      Gulls: 50 Shades of Grey!

                                     Cuban Pewee and Tufted Flycatcher
                                        Steller's Jay subspecies
  Adding subspecies of Eastern Bluebird, Rose-throated Becard, and Fork-tailed Flycatcher.                                                                                  
David writes: On the drawing board today... Puffins, auklets and murrelets flying away - as they are so often seen from boats. These will be added to the revised bird guide alongside the other images of each species in flight.
                                  David touching up his small dove plates.

On the drawing board yesterday: The very distinctive Queen Charlotte Islands subspecies of the Northern Saw-whet Owl, which was not included in the first edition of the Sibley Guide, but will be in the second!

To see the artwork in progress, click here


  1. He's still without rival. Can't wait for the book.

  2. I wish he'd do a book about the birds of Mexico. It's sorely needed. Tho' the US media casts a bad view of the drug wars, I can attest to the safety in the central area. I live here and bird the countryside with never a fear. Ever.

    If he could be coaxed into doing such a field guide, I would like the section on raptors and non-vocalizing flycatchers to be very detailed. More and more, pelagics are of interest to international birders, so that could be an expanded section or even a separate book.

    If David needs a place to stay on Lake Patzcuaro, my casita is available to him and his family, and I have separate space for him to work/draw.

  3. I saw several of his original drawings in an exhibit several years ago. They were SO much more vivid than in the field guides--including editions corrected after the book was first released. It's exciting that he's updating. I do hope he'll be releasing an app with all the changes. Even if it costs full cover price, it'll be worth it.

  4. I will give all of my money for this. Any and all of my monies.

  5. Overall this is good timing as my carry-around copy is falling apart (though I have seen worse). I actually lost the cover of the spine without realizing it until I found it the next week while birding the same spot.

    One improvement I am hoping for is a better quick index. The first edition of the original did not have one*. They soon corrected this with a glued-in page that never wants to stay open. Worse, when the trees book came out they still used a glued-in afterthought. It would be nice to have one that doesn't fight with me.

    *I have a signed copy of the first edition as my keep-in-the-house copy. 8-)