Monday, January 23, 2012

New Pitcher Plant Titles

1 and 2) McPherson, Stewart et al.. Sarraceniaceae of North America and South America (2 volumes). 2011. Redfern Natural History Productions. Hardbound: 810 and 566 pages respectively. Price: 34.99 GBP per volume (about $54.45 U.S. plus shipping).

SUMMARY: Complete with up-to-date conservation assessments, distribution maps and accounts of the diversity, wild ecology and habitats of all species, these monographs are a major and definitive taxonomic revision of all three genera of true pitcher plants of the New World.
     Visually beautiful and comprehensive, these books will appeal to both general readers and specialists who are interested in the natural history, diversity, ecology and relationships of Darlingtonia, Heliamphora and Sarracenia.
RECOMMENDATION: A must have for those with an interest in New World pitcher plants! The books can be ordered through NHBS , Redfern or (see links below).

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