Thursday, July 7, 2011


1) Garcia-del-Rey, Eduardo. Field Guide to the Birds of Macaronesia. 2011. Lynx Edicions. Hardbound: 341 pages. Price: $40.00 U.S.

SUMMARY: This Field Guide describes and illustrates all the species and subspecies of birds in Macaronesia (the Azores, Madeira, the Savage Islands, the Canary Islands and Cape Verde). Special features include detailed distribution maps, species status for each archipelago and the official list of the birds of Macaronesia compiled by the S.O.C. (Canary Islands Ornithological Society).

*Includes the Atlantic islands of Macaronesia, a region which covers the archipelagos of the Azores, Madeira, the Savage Islands, the Canary Islands and Cape Verde.
*Describes 573 species and subspecies, covering all resident, nesting, migrating and vagrant birds.
*More than 230 detailed distribution maps.
*150 colour plates.
*Updated to December 2010.

There is a Spanish version.

IAN'S RECOMMENDATION: When compared to Birds of the Atlantic Islands by Tony Clarke (Helm Field Guides) this book is smaller, hardbound, with range maps and has the text and range maps opposite the color plates. This format makes this book more useful in the field than the Helm Field Guide. The book is available from NHBS in the U.K. here:
and from Buteo Books in the U.S.A. here:

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