Friday, May 28, 2010

New and Recent Titles

Epps, Susan Allene. Parrots of South Florida. 2007. Pineapple Press. Paperback: 93 pages. Price: $12.95 U.S.

SUMMARY:What is that noisy green bird? This full-color guide will help you identify it. Included are Amazons, conures, parakeets, macaws, and other parrots, some of which are rarely seen. You will find detailed information on each bird--its common name, its scientific name, and any other names it may be known by; its size; a description of its colors and markings; and where it can be found. Each bird is illustrated in a painting by renowned bird artist Karl Karalus. Also included is a section on parrots' preferred foods. The index can be used as a checklist so you can keep track of which parrots you have seen.
RECOMMENDATION: For beginning birders in Florida.

Maehr, David S. and Herbert W. Kale II. Florida's Birds: A Field Guide and Reference (second edition). 2009. Pineapple Press. Flexibinding: 359 pages. Price: $21.95 U.S.

SUMMARY: The Second Edition of Florida’s Birds by David S. Maehr and Herbert W. Kale II, illustrated by Karl Karalus, is a major event for Florida birders, new and old. Each section of the book is updated, and 30 new species are added. Also added are range maps for certain species and color-coded guides to months when the bird is present and/or breeding in Florida. Now with color throughout, each bird is illustrated three times: with the text about the bird, in the index listing, and on a plate with similar species for help in identification. Thus, Florida’s Birds is now an even better field guide. Unlike the other books available on the birds of Florida, Florida’s Birds is also a reference that goes beyond its usefulness in the field. Sections on bird study and bird feeding provide practical advice for enjoying Florida’s birds; and sections on bird habitats, threatened and endangered species, exotic species, and bird conservation will assist the reader in understanding the ecological and cultural landscapes that have created one of the world’s unique avifaunas.
RECOMMENDATION: For beginning and intermediate birders.

Nothiger, Andreas. World History Chart. 2010. World History Online. Wall Chart and 46 page booklet. Price: $26.00 U.S.

SUMMARY: This entertaining chart is a most suitable gift for anybody interested in world events and a great opportunity to complement HyperHistory with the best-selling World History Chart. The Wall Chart is folded into the cover of a book with 48 pages of text, incl. biographical notes for 464 persons. Educational institutions are using the Chart & Book as required textbook reading and many famous people have been using the Chart enthusiastically for many years.The original Chart was created in 1989. It soon became a bestseller with over 38,000 copies being sold worldwide. Re-designed & updated a new edition has been published in 2010.
RECOMMENDATION: A useful reference for teachers, students and the home. Available at this link:

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