Tuesday, May 18, 2010


1) Schulenberg, Thomas S. et al. Birds of Peru (revised and updated edition). 2010. Princeton University Press. Paperback: 664 pages. Price: $39.50 U.S.

SUMMARY: Birds of Peru is the most complete and authoritative field guide to this diverse, neotropical landscape. It features every one of Peru's 1,817 bird species and shows the distinct plumages of each in 307 superb, high-quality color plates. Concise descriptions and color distribution maps are located opposite the plates, making this book much easier to use in the field than standard neotropical field guides. This fully revised paperback edition includes twenty-five additional species.
*A comprehensive guide to all 1,817 species found in Peru--one fifth of the world's birds--with subspecies, sexes, age classes, and morphs fully illustrated
*Designed especially for field use, with vivid descriptive information and helpful identification tips opposite color plates
*Detailed species accounts, including a full-color distribution map
*Includes 25 additional species not covered in the first edition
*Features 3 entirely new plates and more than 25 additional illustrations
RECOMMENDATION: The text has increased in size from 656 pages to 664 pages. Three new plates have been added at the end of the book that cover 20 species new to Peru. The lighter paperback version will be easier to carry into the field. Anyone interested in South American birds will want this book!


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