Wednesday, October 29, 2014

New Title

1) Danielson, Olaf. Boobies, Peckers and Tits: One Man's Naked Perspective. 2014. Cable Publishing. Paperback: 320 pages. Price: $18.95 U.S.
PUBLISHER'S SUMMARY: Boobies, Peckers & Tits: One Man’s Naked Perspective documents Olaf’s epic quest, which combined seeing as many species of birds In one year…while he was nude.
     Called “wickedly extraordinary,” the never-to-be-forgotten tales range from being shot at in Texas to a heart-stopping chase by a grizzly bear in Yellowstone, all while trying his best to avoid arrest. Described by Olaf as containing “rampant nudity,” Boobies, Peckers & Tits as also a story filled with a love and respect for nature and family as well as the realization that, with the passing of each day, now is the time to start that life quest. 
RECOMMENDATION: An unusual tale of an unusual big year!

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