Monday, March 18, 2013

Recent Title

1) Biggs, Kathy. Common Dragonflies of California: A Beginner's Pocket Guide (2nd edition). 2009. Azalea Creek Publishing. Paperback: 128 pages. Price: $9.95 U.S.

SUMMARY: This revised edition of California's very first dragonfly guide includes the 100 most common dragonflies of California while the out-of-print 1st CA guide covered only 78 CA species. This book includes 220 NEW, LARGE, full-color photographs of all males, smaller images of most females. Additional black & white line drawings illustrate dragonfly life cycle, etc. Also included are descriptions of males, females, habitat, flight periods and distribution, plus a checklist of ALL 113 CA species.
RECOMMENDATION: If you have an interest in California dragonflies and damselflies, you will find this guide useful.

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