Tuesday, February 26, 2013

New Title

1) Orr, Elizabeth L. and William N.. Oregon Geology: Sixth Edition. 2012. Oregon State University Press. Paperback: 304 pages. Price: $24.95 U.S.

SUMMARY: Because Oregon sits on the leading edge of a moving crustal plate, a striking diversity of geologic events have molded its topography. Over a century of study, a deeper understanding of the region’s tectonic overprint has emerged. In this timely update to the 2000 edition, Elizabeth and William Orr incorporate that new knowledge, addressing current environmental problems and detailing tectonic hazards. “Caught between converging crustal plates,” the Orrs write, “the Pacific Northwest faces a future of massive earthquakes and tsunamis.”
     A comprehensive treatment of the state’s geologic history, Oregon Geology moves through Oregon’s regions to closely examine the unique geologic features of each, from the Blue Mountains to the Willamette Valley, from the high lava Plains to the Coast Range.
     The book includes biographical sketches of notable geologists. It is lavishly illustrated and includes an extensive bibliography.
RECOMMENDATION: A readable introduction to the geology of Oregon.

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