Friday, February 10, 2012

New Title

1) Shuker, Karl P.N.. The Encyclopedia of New and Rediscovered Animals. 2012. Coachwhip Publications. Paperback: 368 pages. Price: $64.95 U.S.

SUMMARY: The Encyclopaedia of New and Rediscovered Animals is the third, wholly-updated edition of the very first—and still the definitive—book to be devoted to the spectacular zoological discoveries and equally amazing rediscoveries of the 20th century, which attracted international acclaim and exemplary reviews following its original publication in 1993 (when it was entitled The Lost Ark), and its subsequent republication in 2002 as an updated, greatly-expanded second edition (entitled The New Zoo). This latest edition also contains an in-depth survey of the 21st century’s most celebrated discoveries and rediscoveries made during its first decade, plus an exhaustive, significantly-increased bibliography, as well as the only comprehensive collection of colour and b/w illustrations of these spectacular animal species ever published (including new, previously-unpublished photographs, and several exclusive, specially-commissioned full-colour paintings).
     Unquestionably, The Encyclopaedia of New and Rediscovered Animals provides good reason indeed for believing that our world continues to holds many more animal surprises in store for future revelation.
RECOMMENDATION: For those with an interest in cryptozoology.

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