Tuesday, November 8, 2011

New Title

1) Sidles, Constance. Second Nature: Tales from the Montlake Fill. 2011. Constancy Press, LLC. Hardbound: 248 pages. Price: $23.95 U.S.

SUMMARY: In the rush of modern life, in the chaos of a world that is often in crisis, where can you find peace of mind? Constance Sidles finds it in nature. If, like her, you're searching for a haven that gives you respite from care and grants you hope for the future, then come with her as she takes you on a journey into the wilds of a natural area set in the heart of a big city: the Montlake Fill in Seattle.
     The Fill is 75 acres of wild beauty on the campus of the University of Washington. In 32 essays arranged into four seasons, Connie describes the birds who come here and the things they do.In the process, she reflects on the meaning of wild nature and its healing role in our modern lives.
     Connie's essays are by turns funny, serious, light, and dark. Like her first book about the Fill, In My Nature: A Birder's Year at the Montlake Fill, Connie writes about the human heart, as wild and free as the birds she finds at the Fill, as worn by care, and as lifted up by beauty.
     Her essays are illustrated with spectacular photos of the birds of the Fill, taken by some of the best wildlife photographers in the world. Visually stunning and emotionally uplifting, this book is for everyone who loves nature, both human and wild...
RECOMMENDATION: If you enjoyed the author's first book about the Montlake Fill: In My Nature, you'll enjoy this one! You can order the book here: http://constancypress.com/store/

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