Friday, October 28, 2011


1) Clement, Peter, Alan Harris and John Davis. Finches and Sparrows. 1993 (reprinted 2011). Helm Identification Guides. Hardbound: 500 pages. Price: 65.00 GBP (about $104.90 U.S.).

SUMMARY: This is a guide to true finches (Fringillidae and Estrildidae) and (Old World) sparrows (Passeridae) illustrating all the species, many races and most sex and age variations, with almost 950 portraits. The maps accompanying the illustrations show breeding and wintering ranges for all species. Although the guide is not primarily intended for cagebird enthusiasts, it will also be useful for those wishing to know more about the species encountered in captivity.
RECOMMENDATION: This is a reprint, NOT a new edition of the 1993 book. If you missed out on getting the book the first time, here's a second chance!

                                                        1993 Cover

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