Saturday, June 18, 2011


1) Swift, John Resler. Bibliotheca Accipitraria II (The Archives of American Falconry Heritage Publications Series Volume 4). 2011. The Archives of Falconry (The Peregrine Fund). Hardbound: 460 pages. Price: $150.00 U.S.(Subscriber's Edition).

SUMMARY: Bibliotheca Accipitraria II is the first comprehensive updating of James Edmund Harting’s catalog since 1891. It has expanded to 615 individual citations of works published in English from 1486 to 2000 along with references to hundreds of their reprints. Each citation contains a specific bibliographic description along with the author’s anecdotal information about each book’s author and subject matter, publishing history, and significance. This book includes biographies of contributors, a tribute to James Edmund Harting, references, index, a chronological list of titles and eighty illustrations depicting many of the rarest works on falconry. The book concludes with a list of libraries with outstanding holdings of falconry books.
     This book is designed to enable present and future falconers and book collectors to distinguish between various editions as well as to identify the rarity and value of each work.
     A limited edition of seven hundred copies of this title, all signed and numbered, have been printed: One hundred seventy-five copies in the Patron's Edition, Four hundred eighty-five copies of the Subscriber's Edition, and Forty copies of the Author's Edition.
     Both the limited Patron's Edition and the Subscriber's Edition are available from Buteo Books. The Subscriber's Edition is here:
and the Patron's Edition here:
RECOMMENDATION: A MUST have for falconers and book collectors!

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