Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sibley Posters

     In case you haven't heard David Sibley and Scott & Nix, Inc. have produced several wall posters based on David's Sibley Guide to Birds. Here are some examples:

Eastern Backyard Birds                                                                                 Western Backyard Birds

The only problem I have with these posters is that on some of the posters the nomenclature is from 2000 and thus is somewhat dated (e.g. Screech-Owls are still in the genus Otus instead of Megascops). Other posters and other items are available from the Scott & Nix, Inc. website: and elsewhere.
These items include non-Sibley posters on fish:
The larger posters are $29.95 and the smaller ones are $24.95 U.S. UPDATE: Here's a tentative schedule for upcoming posters:

Sibley's Raptors
Sibley's Trees (West)

Sibley's Feederbirds East
Sibley's Feederbirds West

Sibley's Warblers
Sibley's Sparrows


  1. Does he ever sell prints of individual birds? I'd like to buy some of those.

  2. HI Patrick et al.:
    Sibley does has some prints available here:

    scroll down towards the bottom.

  3. Oh, wonderful! I've been fantasizing about Sibley ID posters for years. He needs to make a sparrow one.