Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dinosaur Wars

These two titles are by author Thomas P. Hopp:
1) Dinosaurs Wars. 2001(revised  2004). iUniverse. Paperback: 371 pages. Price: $21.95 U.S.
SUMMARY: A U.S. space probe discovers a 65 million-year-old derelict outpost at the moon's south pole. Now the owners of the moonbase are returning to reclaim their home world-our world. In Montana, wildlife biologist Chase Armstrong and rancher's daughter Kit Daniels survive attacks by T-Rex and deadly Megaraptors to find that they are at ground-zero, where the invaders' lost city lies buried under a mountain of sandstone. Deep in the underground catacombs, trapped by human-sized, intelligent carnivorous dinosaurs, they may be mankind's last hope for survival.

2) Dinosaur Wars: Counterattack. 2002. iUniverse. Paperback: 401 pages. Price: $21.95 U.S.
SUMMARY: War for possesion of the Earth has resumed. Soldiers in tanks and aircraft vie with intelligent, human-sized dinosaurs who have returned from space to reclaim their home world--OUR WORLD!

RECOMMENDATION: Think of these books as hybrids between Jurassic Park and Independence Day. Fans of dinosaurs will enjoy these books. These titles are available here: http://www.iuniverse.com/Bookstore/BookSearchResults.aspx?Search=dinosaur%20wars
You can visit the author's website here: http://thomas-hopp.com/

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