Monday, December 13, 2010

New Title

1) Ottema, Otte H., Jan Hein J.M. Ribot and Arie L. Spaans. Annotated Checklist of the Birds of Suriname. 2009. WWF Guianas. Paperback: 144 pages. Price: 15 Euros (about $20.08 U.S.) which includes postage and handling.
SUMMARY: Suriname, situated on the coast of northeastern South America, is a small country when compared to most South American countries. It has, however, a rich avifauna, with a total of 739 species and subspecies recorded there during the past 150-200 years: a real bird bonanza!
     This annotated checklist presents data on the life zones and habitats where the species occur, their status and abundance, and the periods that migratory birds from North and South are present, with earliest and latest dates where relevant. Lists of hypothetical and erroneously cited species for the country, endemics and near-endemics, and data on species of concern from a conservation point of view are also included.
RECOMMENDATION: For anyone with an interest in the birds of South America. The book can be ordered by e-mailing:

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