Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New Titles

1) Ash, Patricia J. and David J. Robinson. The Emergence of Humans: An Exploration of the Evolutionary Timeline. 2010. Wiley-Blackwell. Paperback: 324 pages. Price: $65.00 U.S.

SUMMARY: The Emergence of Humans is an accessible, informative introduction to the scientific study of human evolution. It takes the reader through time following the emergence of the modern human species Homo sapiens from primate roots. Acknowledging the controversy surrounding the interpretation of the fossil record, the authors present a balanced approach in an effort to do justice to different views.
     Each chapter covers a significant time period of evolutionary history and includes relevant techniques from other disciplines that have applications to the field of human evolution. Self-assessment questions linked to learning outcomes are provided for each chapter, together with further reading and reference to key sources in the primary literature.The book will thus be effective both as a conventional textbook and for independent study.
     Written by two authors with a wealth of teaching experience The Emergence of Humans will prove invaluable to students in the biological and natural sciences needing a clear, balanced introduction to the study of human evolution.
RECOMMENDATION: Would make a good undergraduate level textbook.

2) Harrap, Simon and Nigel Redman. Where to Watch Birds in Britain (second edition). 2010. Helm. Paperback: 671 pages. Price: 19.99 GBP (about $32.00 U.S.).

SUMMARY: This guide covers the very best birding sites in Britain. In a format familiar to readers of this popular series, each site is considered in terms of 'Habitat', Access' and 'Birds', allowing birders of all levels to plan successful birding trips anywhere in Britain, and to maximise the chances of getting the best out of each site and each region. The book includes detailed maps of the larger sites, plus general maps of the regions covered, and it is illustrated with attractive line drawings. This book has been extensively revised, with several new sites added for this edition, together with information on disabled access for most sites.
RECOMMENDATION: A must have for those birding in Britain!

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