Thursday, June 10, 2010

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Garrison, Rosser W. et al. Dragonfly Genera of the New World: An illustrated and annotated key to the Anisoptera. 2006. Johns Hopkins University Press. Hardbound: 368 pages. Price: $100.00 U.S.
SUMMARY: Winner of the Single Volume Reference/Science award of the Professional and Scholarly Publishing Awards given by the Association of American Publishers Outstanding Academic Title for 2007, Choice Magazine.
     Dragonfly Genera of the New World is a beautifully illustrated and comprehensive guide to the taxonomy and ecology of dragonflies in North, Middle, and South America. A reference of the highest quality, this book reveals the striking beauty and complexity of this diverse order. Although Odonata -- dragonflies and damselflies -- are among the most studied groups of insects, until now there has been no reliable means to identify the New World genera of either group. This volume provides fully illustrated and up—to—date keys for all dragonfly genera with descriptive text for each genus, accompanied by distribution maps and 1,595 diagnostic illustrations, including wing patterns and characteristics of the genitalia.
     For entomologists, limnologists, and ecologists, Dragonfly Genera of the New World is an indispensable resource for field identification and laboratory research.
RECOMMENDATION: For those with a technical interest in New World dragonflies.


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